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June 11, 2019

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Interested in reinforcement learning?


Meet Aishwarya Srinivasan! Aishwarya is a post-graduate in Data Science from Columbia University. She is a young researcher in machine learning and reinforcement learning and she strives for innovation. She joined DSE in June 2018 as a Data Scientist. During her engagements, she primarily focuses on bringing in state of the art work to create business value. She is an active contributor to Scikit-learn, since her research assistantship under Prof. Andreas Mueller from Columbia University, who is a Scikit-Learn core developer.



She is an extrovert by nature and looks for any learning opportunity. She utilizes her entrepreneurial skill to engage with clients and pitch to them about the team expertise. She is an advocate for Women in Data Science and actively participates in events and conferences to inspire budding data scientists. She is focused on expanding her horizons in the machine learning research community including her Patent Award won in 2018 for developing Reinforcement Learning model for Machine Trading. To spread her knowledge in the space of data science, and to inspire budding Data Scientists, she actively writes blogs related to machine learning on her website.


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